Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I register to host a Local Qualifying Event?
Fill out the registration form or contact the tournament director.

2. What if the amateur does not bring documentation of his/her Handicap Index?
The amateur player must have an official USGA Handicap Index verified by the host PGA Professional to compete in a Local Qualifying Event. If he/she does not bring documentation, the host PGA Professional can go on to the state golf association’s website and use the member’s number or last name to verify the amateur’s current handicap index.

3. Is the competition open to men and women?

4. Who collects the entry fees for the qualifying tournaments?
Because all funds that are generated from the qualifying tournament will go to the designated school fund, this is at the discretion of the host facility and the school.

5. What if the winning team cannot play in The Acura College Alumni Team Championship at Pinehurst?
If the winning team of the qualifying tournament cannot participate in The Acura College Alumni Team Championship at Pinehurst, then the 2nd runner up will be asked. If the 2nd runner up cannot play, then the 3rd may advance, and so on. The final team choice is left to the discretion of the college or university. However, the 4-person team that advances to the National Team Championship must have participated in the Qualifying Tournament.

If teams repeat as qualifier champions, we are encouraging no more than two players participate in consecutive Acura College Alumni Team Championships. 

6. What is the minimum number of teams that will compete in the National Tournament at Pinehurst?
60 four-person teams.

7. Who can participate?
Golfers who are alumni or fans of each respective registered college who participate in their local qualifying event.